The Briefing

The Fun Junction - Laser Tag - The Briefing - Dress For Success

The Briefing

After you purchase your desired laser tag pass and your game is ready to begin, you proceed to the briefing room door where your Game Master takes your pass admitting you to the game. This is a critical part of your laser tag experience. A Game Master will take up to 10 minutes to explain how to use the equipment, how to play the game as well as the rules you must follow to enjoy a safe experience. You may then be separated into three teams depending on the game format being played. Fun Junction can accommodate a maximum of 42 players or 14 people per team depending on the location and game format.

Dress for Success

Next you will proceed to the vesting room where you will see racks holding all of the available game packs. You will take the pack color according to the team you may have been assigned. Put the laser pack on, buckle the front clips and tighten the side straps so that it fits snugly around your waste. Look at your laser screen to determine the pack identity. You will need to know this after the game so that you may view your scores. Before the game begins, team members line up at their team doors as the Game Master presses the start button for the excitement to begin.

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