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Is there a specific age I must be to play laser tag?

We recommend laser tag for kids age 8 through 98! The arena is a blacklit environment. We see children younger than 8 rush in to play enthusiastically, and even adults love playing Laser Tag! We also have an arcade with a well-stocked redemption center!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover as well as cash of course. We DO NOT accept personal checks or Republic Credits.

Is there a dress code to play laser tag?

We do require clothing! We also highly recommend that you do not wear open-toed shoes. Under no circumstances can anyone play laser tag barefoot. Remember that the arena is blacklit, so white or bright-colored clothing will glow, and darker clothes will help you stay out of enemy sight!

Can I book the entire center for my group?


We have many group rates and over night deals. Contact the group hotline at 315-292-1900. For more group information, click here.

Can the lasers hurt you?

Just your dignity - when you get beaten by an 8-year old girl!

Unless you are an 8-year old girl... then, YOU GO GIRL! The lasers are well within the accepted government standards. However, don’t look directly into them for any length of time.

Why are we not allowed to run while playing?

For safety reasons of course. There are a number of obstacles and other players in the arena. If you run you may collide with them and cause an injury.

How long is a laser tag game?

Way longer than the other guys!

The experience can last about 20 minutes. A 5 minute briefing and up to 15 minutes of playing time.

What is the deal with the FUN CARDS?

All of the arcade games work on a debt card system. The first purchase of a card costs $1 but the card is your to keep and is rechargeable on future visits. It also stores all of your points to redeem for prizes at our awesome redemption center!

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